Sunday, 18 November 2012

Review "The Coming of the Ineffable" from Spain Death Metal Webzine

Absolutely "Brutal", the first album on CD of the Greek band BIRTH OF DEPRAVITY. "The Coming of the Ineffable" is the name of the entitled album full of Brutal Death Metal from start to finish.

Their sound is slightly "dark", but this time not out of tune or dislike for anything in a job well done.

Through ten tracks and just over thirty-five minutes long, the band shows a potential Greek worthy fit and stay in the underground scene.

An album full of only one thing: Brutality, which is carried out to perfection. Topics fast, mixed voices (of guttural schizophrenic), and riffs "tricky".

"The Coming of the Ineffable" is for this server, another essential disc in my collection.

Review is translated from Spanish to English.

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