Sunday, 26 August 2012

Review "The Coming of the Ineffable" from Brutal Carnage Webzine

As we know with the Russian proverb “There is everything in Greece”. I don’t know is there really “everything”, but I’m sure that the economical crisis is. As every Russian I know that it’s not fucking funny at all. It seems that the time of crisis isn’t proper time to make music because you should better think about your loans and food rather than play metal. But music is really unpredictable thing. Crisis made evil blood run faster through musician’s veins supplying their rage and despite. Hatred transformed to music which is crushing us from the soundtracks. We were provided recently with releases of Abnormal Inhumane and Terorrdrome, Murder Made God (ex-Human Rejection) are going to release their first album. Also the old school technical trio from Thessaloniki did the hefty kick in the ass of capitalism with their debut album. “The Coming Of The Ineffable” is full of anger and hatred which can easily make the modern tech-riffs bands cry like young girls while listening this stuff.
Recording of “The Coming Of The Ineffable” has been stretched in time for seven long months and was taken place at home of Birth Of Depravity. So band gave birth to ten thick pieces of old school death metal. You know, in 1990th the heyday of this sort of music, it had crushed club’s walls and metalheads’ skulls. Here we have high-speed technical guitar riffs, scratchy guitar sound, drum tornado and finally evil vocal indeed. All this parts can’t leave you indifferent if you think that death metal must be quintessence of hatred and hymn of violence but not the pussy soundtrack for booze and mosh-dance. The only one flaw I’ve found is the lack of hits (or it’s not a flaw at all?) – I can hardly recognize the difference amongst the tracks. If look at the other sight it makes “The Coming Of The Ineffable” perfectly monolithic without any cracks or notches although it consists of ten different parts. I should admit that sound, which was made in Block 33 Studio, is not the sample of the best sound quality. Guitar sound is a little bit filthy, drums are mild, bass is totally inaudible. Nevertheless I’ve found there something attractive in the final mix and production made by Thanasis Papaefthimiou) and for this old school zest I’m ready to forgive all record flaws.
In final I want to say a couple of words about album design. If you ask me why only a couple I’ll answer you that I’ve got only promo-CD without full design. But it’s enough to say that cover-art (by George “Grin” Prasinis) is completely amazing. You can investigate this phantasmagoric scene for hours because front page was painted with regards to every little part of it. Art adds a score to the finale value of the release. Noteworthy is the fact that “The Coming Of The Ineffable” was released with the support of Russian label Anopsys Records cooperated with Inherited Suffering Records. This alliance have picked up a really high speed and launched into the music orbit lots of new bands. It’s not the first one from Greece (Abnormal Inhumane is the first) so it seems that metal scene in Greece is under these labels permanent monitoring and control. Signing of Birth Of Depravity was the right decision made by our headhunters because this band has a big potential and clear targets and it means that they will have their own fans.

Review is translated from Russian to English.

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