Saturday, 28 April 2012

Interview with Brutal Area Webzine

KJ: Hi, can you tell when and how the initial formation of your band?
Theo: I had some riffs back in 2005 and was looking for members to form the band...actually i was looking for certain personalities and not for anyone that might be found on my i met Liakos (our first singer) and then i had done some rehearsals in the studio with some drummers but could not continue due to several reasons with the old drummers so i met Jim through a friend of mine in 2007...Jim had the guts, the appetite and the talent that i needed from a drummer, so we started practicing together. Later in 2008 Greg joined the band for vocals.

KJ: tell me how to sign in with Anopsys Record?
Theo: Dmitry from Anopsys found us from our web pages and emailed us asking if we would like him to release our debut album. His offer and help was great and we really appreciate this!

KJ: What is the title in your first album?
Theo: It's called "The Coming Of The Ineffable".

KJ: How to respond to the expectations of your first album?
Theo: Our expectations for the album is when someone listens to it, to start bang his head on the wall, destroying things arround, doing body building, fighting with other people or even comit suicide! lol hahaha ok, seriously, our expectations is that if people like our music, then that makes us happy!

KJ: What is the purpose of your band in the future?
Theo: Write more songs, record a second album and do some gigs.

KJ: lyrics in the songs about?
Theo: Lyrics are influenced by our experiences, feelings and views in life and in the distorted and twisted scumfucked human society, hatred, depravation, filth and things like that.

KJ: What about the recording process? what are the constraints?
Theo: It was a great experience and a lot of fun. Fortunately our friend and producer Thanasis was working in the studio were we recorded our debut and the recording was cheaper for us. But also we were prepared a lot before going to record the album because we didn't wanted to waste time and money. Well i cant say that there were any constraits.

KJ: Did the wives and lovers of the personnel you support what you do?
Theo: Well they like what we do and care for us...but that's all i think.

KJ: how the death metal scene in Greece?
Theo: Strong....there are great new bands coming arround and some others that are on hiatus but still their music kicks ass.

KJ: In the event what you feel, it's a satisfactory stage?
Theo: Yes it is! It's a great feeling when people tell us that they like what we do!

KJ: There's a message for readers?
Theo: I'd like to say hello to everyone that has supported us in any way! Thanks for the interview! Hails!