Friday, 23 April 2010

Review "Promo 2008" from EXTREME METAL.US

The community of brutal death metal is growing every day. It intends to obtain more acceptability from wider music listeners. Thanks to many factors that commercialized this sub-genre, brutal death metal is starting to be a big trend and new comers participate in the scene. In the brutal death history, when it first appeared during late 1990s, in general holland brutal league is highly intrigued, their styles and sounds are closely similar to American brutal death metal. Although, few bands were created from that windmill-signature country, it aroused music fellows in Europe to create and to establish their own bands and communities. But it takes a little long time for Greece to unleash their authentic brutality. With my limited information, Extreme Violence is the first band from Greece that appeared in my knowledge. Subsequently, many bands flooded from this country and similar geographic such as Italy. ‘Birth of Depravity’ is created by the effect of the flourishing brutal death metal in Greece. It was not until 2005, the band was formed by Theo, the guitarist and bassist, with cooperation of Liakos, the current singer of ‘The Almighty Fisherman’. However, this bond is transient, Liakos left the band, Theo embodied the line-up by Jim and Greg, drum and vocals, respectively. After line-up was ready, they released this promo EP in 2008, containing only two songs. ‘Dehumanization by Hellfire’ and ‘Consumed Fucking Humanity’ are composed in this release. It represents ‘Birth of Depravity’ style of brutal death metal, which is similar to other blasting brutality. It is smooth blasting with an even flow of music. The song structure is not much complicated as they are intended to stick in a direct blasting pattern. They maintain good tempo and speed for this recording. Hence, it made this release a valuable and good starting point for their career. The big drawback is only two songs are not enough for this kind of music. The sound quality is rather excellent. It matches with bands style and the sound is compressed and pressured as brutal. This accomplished was done by assisting of Thanasis Papaefthimiou, whose famous is from Extreme Violence, under his home studio, Enter the Dragon. From this promo, it is worth to hear their first full-length album. And i'am sure a label will catch this band when they release a full length.

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