Monday, 8 June 2009

Interview with Phobia webzine

1. Welcome Theo, to start i just wanted to congratulate you on convincing me totallt that Greek death metal still has ball. Promo 2008 confirmed this for me and i can honestly say i only have positive things to say.
Hello Chris!!I'd like to thank you for the interview and for your good words too!!Well yeah i agree that Greek death metal has balls, besides this has been proven from some great bands.

2. BIRTH OF DEPRAVITY for me is a band that came from nowhere, that is its a new band which we havent heard any thing prior to this day. Tell us a bit about the band and its roots.
Well actually we're are a band which consists from some simple guys who like to play that kind of music and we have done some little promotion from our myspace page..actually to whom we are known, we owe that to the internet. Our roots are our listenings and all death metal pioneers who left their mark in death metal.

3. Promo 2008 in my opinion and hopefully after others are infected is that the material is full of power, which for such young guys is suprising to hear. Have you fellas worked on this for a long time or does it come naturally?
Power, strength, energy and brutallity are the main elements of Birth of Depravity's music.Besides death metal and brutal death metal is a music which expresses those elements to their highest.The promo tracks are a little bit old actually, new tracks are much more extreme and technical in some kind of way. We worked seriously on the promo tracks for at about 3-4 months i think and going in the studio to play once a week. Unfortunately for several reasons we dont have the time to play for example 3 times a week, which would be the best for us.

4. Promo 2008 isnt the longest of recordings but apart from that everything is first class, cd-r, good sound engineering and a nice c.d cover. Do you think such advanced band promotion will bring the band success?
haha i never saw it that way, the recording took us 8 hours, the cover is just a simple cover in photoshop and the production is how it had to be for a promo for that style of death metal. I think everything is simple in that release and because we feel happy with the whole thing there's no reason for making it better, it's just a promo release.

5. What comes first the music or the lyrics when you guys write a song?
First comes the music and then the lyrics. The title depends on how the feeling of the song is and what we want to talk about, lastly comes the lyrics.

6. You recorded in STUDIO LIVE, how was that experience?
It was a great experience and much important for us, it was the first time where i and Jim went to a studio to record something and we both feel stronger after that. A kind of stressed sense left from us and a sense of fullfilment and joy filled us all. The vocals as you saw in the promo were recorded by Greg at his home, and this is because we live in a different town.

7. After listening to the promo it kind of reminded me of SEVER TORTURE from Holland. IS the band influenced by any specific bands out there?
Of course we are influenced, there are so many great bands in death metal over all these years of it's existence, underground acts or not who have inspired us.Our influenses are not only music, it might be a thought or an image or an influence from a kind of music which has nothing to do with metal. I mean that our purpose is not that we want to play like deicide, origin, deranged, morbid angel or cannibal corpse...besides that those bands have influenced us, we play on how it comes naturally from us.

8. Would you call yourself a aperfectionist? Do you even after the final recordingwish you could go back and change things?
No we dont call our selves perfectionists. We just want to respect that thing which is called death metal and play something which has sense and will make us happy. No we dont want to change something on these recordings, we are satisfied from the whole thing and except that, the promo tracks will be re-recorded when we'll enter the studio for recording our debut this means that some parts will have some small changes on how we play them.

9. Who created the album cover and what are your thoughts about it?
I created the cd cover, it's our myspace background pic with the logo and i searched over the web to find some skulls and stick them on the cover and done some other changes using photoshop. It's just a simple cover.

10. Any new material on the way?
Yes!!Cant wait for the right time when we enter the studio to record our debut!! Maybe at the end of this year, this might have let's see....

11. Whats been playing on your stereo recently? Do you only listen to death metal?
In my stereo there were some disavowed stuff, merlin, deicide, atrocious abnormality, blasphemer and some guitar tracks. We dont listen only to death metal, we hear every kind of metal and every thing which sounds good to us, death metal is our biggest love by the way.

12. Any Greek bands out there that that we wouldnt necessaily know about but you think we should look out for?
I think that you should check out extreme violence, comatose, remnants of flesh, vulnus, terrordrome, mass infection and dead congregation.

13. Cheers Theo! anything else you'd like add as the last words belong to you.
I'd like to thank you for your good words for Birth of Depravity and your attitude in general, it's an honour for us, fucking respect goes to you Chris!! Keep it death metal!! All the best!! Cheers!!!