Friday, 29 December 2017


5 years have had to happen to listen to a new release of the fantastic greek band of brutal death metal Birth Of Depravity and the truth that the wait has been worth it because they have returned with an excellent and brutal new work.
Birth Of Depravity is a greek band of brutal death metal that was founded in the year 2005. It was in 2008 when they released their first promo demo and it was not until 2012 for their first album "The Coming Of The Ineffable" which had a great repercussion and now we get his second album, a totally overwhelming release and loaded with an incessant brutality.
"From Obscure Domains" includes 9 tracks of devastating and violent brutal death metal with some more technical touches where the production is quite good where the guitars sound fast and sharp with destructive riffs, devastating rhythms on the bass and drums create some hellish rhythms and chaotic. The vocals sound thick,devouring,sick and all together has created a really crushing and destructive album.
9 tracks in 26 minutes of powerful, violent and devastating brutal death metal in an excellent album of a fantastic band that should have more recognition than it has. 9’5/10

Tuesday, 5 December 2017

Thanks to everyone who supported us on BOS Fest 6

We would like to thank everyone in Brutality Over Sanity Fest for supporting us, all the bands we shared the stage and the mighty organizators John Giakoumakis and Chris Dimopoulos for the invitation!! Keep it real Death Metal!! Cheers!!!

Wednesday, 15 November 2017


The Greek fucking monster named Birth of Depravity is back after more of 5 fucking years to give its second highly anticipated album entitled "From Obscure Domains" and the band are better than ever by offering one of best fucking product ever released in the fucking world of sickness! Birth of Depravity are continuing to spread a pure Brutal Death Fucking Metal and this time increasing a lot their level of brutality by giving a musickal quality fucking piece totally fucking amazing that make me think a lot to old Severed Savior musickally and also the vocals but everything on cocaine mood with much more catchy and brilliant fucking parts! "From Obscure Domains" contains 9 genius fucking tracks, including an outro, being all fucking incredible and addictive from start to fucking end with the non stop sick riffing completely fucking insane and perfect as fuck demonstrating some of the best fucking songwriting to have ever emerged from the Brutal Death Metal! The complete disk is a true fucking demonstration of pure fucking brutality with riffing so much enjoyable that we only want to listen all of them again and again because Theo on guitars is really doing a genius fucking job on each fucking side and offering a perfect fucking composition being a fucking example to each fucking band around! The production of "From Obscure Domains" is just fucking perfect making us cum without stop with a flawless fucking mixing and everything sounds fucking huge as fuck like the bass of Thanos added by his awesome work and also Jim delivering a fucking sick and flawless fucking drumming but also sounding fucking great! Its also one of best guitars production Ive ever heard in my life only highlighting the inhuman job of Theo and of course increasing the level of addiction of this brutal fucking release! The atmosphere of this fucking shit is cold, brutal and fucking killer helped by the powerful and cold vocals of Greg perhaps lacking a little gutturals but not taking off anything of the perfection by being fucking enjoyable and reminding us a lot the old Severed Savior time! Birth of Depravity consists of Greg (Vocals), Theo (Guitars), Thanos (Bass), Jim (Drums) and the quartet are showing from their obscure domains to be part of the elite of the genre and as mentioned above, everyone are doing a brilliant and perfect fucking job on each fucking level! Birth of Depravity surpassed all expectations with this pure fucking masterpiece being among the best releases of the shitty genre by marking forever the musickal fucking world of insanity and also your fucking soul by being fucking addictive on each fucking second of your brutal fucking experience while listening to this true sick fucking gem of 26 fucking minutes that will be some of your best of your shitty fucking life! "From Obscure Domains" is a must and mandatory piece of pure fucking brutality in the collection of each brutal head respecting and loving the pure fucking side of brutality! Immense Addictive Fucking Blasterpiece of Pure Brilliant Fucking Brutality! 10/10

Tuesday, 12 September 2017

Sunday, 18 June 2017

"From Obscure Domains" recording sessions May 2016

Gear: B.C. Rich Warlock NJ Deluxe, Laboga Mr. Hector.